For my birthday I got this wonderful sweater from Danish designer, Henrik Vibskov, Soho, NYC. It was a trip down memory lane, Danes my age will know what I mean. The sweater is an update of the Seaman’s Sweater from the 30’es, that was part of the teenage uniform in the 70’es in Denmark. It is produced by the same company still, S.N.S. Herning. In fact, a few years ago it got revitalized by another Danish designer, Mads Noergaard – and the sweater has been a fashion statement since. Do I have to say that I loved the gift, so funny to go to a posh boutique in NYC, buy something made and designed in Herning, Denmark, and on top that, reminded me of long lost times.

The bubbles have found their own life among knitters. I had some marine sock yarn in my stash, that shouted to be knit into a pair of Danish Fisherman’s Socks for DS. I tried to give them the same look and feel as the original sweaters, and I think I succeeded. He loves them! I wrote up the pattern, it is available from my webpage.