Today, the human knitting machine went to Fort Tryron Park to get some serious knitting done in the nice weather. I have been longing for knitting full speed, and being able to let my mind go in all directions it would want too. Shawls are perfect for that.

I found some really nice yarn at Yarntopia recently, Ultra Merino from ArtYarns. The colors were so beautiful, and I thought they would make up a wonderful baby cardi. Well, the demand for mindless knitting took over, and instead, the skeins are being transformed into a lovely shawl with large blocks of color. The shaping is a bit unusual, at least for a conservative knitter like me, but very promising so far. I have used my interactive knit estimator to guide me in the design, do I have to say, it is such a wonderful tool smiley

The garter sections give an interesting contrast to the center triangle of the shawl. I have been experimenting with short rows, ended up using the most simple form – short rows in garter st are so easy and the look is perfect. I am half way through – stay tuned!