I have been working on my interactive pdf files and now – finally – I have the first generation finished. They are not really patterns, rather tools to make simple estimations related to knitting. The bias edge estimator is finished, and it has been followed by a gauge change estimator, and a function that calculates # of stitches per inch or centimeters. All tools work in US or Metric units.

I have had the bias edge tool tested with various versions of Windows and pdf-readers. Found testers on Ravelry to help me out, and apart for allowing me to have the files tested on various computers, the testers provided me with useful feedback and suggestions. I love Ravelry.

To be honest, I am very proud of the tools. The doubt that I had about the usefulness – I mean, what the tools does is in fact just back of the envelope calculations – has vanished after the feedback from the testers.

Next step is to integrate the idea into real patterns. I have however not found out about a suitable layout. There are more options, for instance, should the pdf result in what look like a normal pattern, easy to read and print, or would tables be a more suitable output form?