Last week I visited Annie & Company in the search for sock blockers to accomodate my steadily increasing number of hand knit socks. Whereas I as always were very impressed by the amount of nice wool they have in stock, the only sock blockers they had left, were in size large. At the same time, I think it is a lot of money to invest in a plastic or metal frame, so I decided to make a low tech version myself. Here is how I did:

I found a template on CyberSeams, printed it and cut out the smallest – this is for Madeline’s socks, she is turning 1 in a week. Transferred the outline to cardboard, cut out the sock blockers and I was almost done. To prevent the cardboard to dissolve, I wrapped plastic film around them, very easy-peasy. I am now the happy owner of a pair of baby sock blockers!

They may not be the prettiest sock blockers in the world, but they block the prettiest socks, for a pretty baby, AND they are made from what most people have handy when they are in the need for sock blockers. And that happen very often, at least for this knitter. Eventually, I will consider making foam versions, that will work well for me. At some point I may even consider buying a pair from a fellow knitter I talked with on Facebook. Her husband have plans to make them for sale which I think is a very nice idea.

Here is a preview of the pretty sock – more about that later!